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About Our Booklets

These booklets are called tiny because they are actually tiny. You can hold them in the palm of your hand, or tuck them into a shirt pocket. It starts with one 8.5" x 11" sheet of 24lb., 96 brightness paper. They are then laser printed, cut once cleverly, and folded into an 8-page little lovely.

About The Project

It’s funny how things happen. The software that allows us to turn a normal Word document into a correctly paginated for double-sided printing file for chapbooks also allows the ability to make a lot of other interesting book-like things. What we call a booklet is often referred to as a zine. They look like the last one shown here, near the bottom of the page, called “An 8-sided zine from 1 sheet with 1 cut”:

The tiny series specializes in flash fictions, or microfictions, or whatever term you prefer for the white dwarf of literature, the under 500 word text. These booklets give lie to the notion that from small things come big things, because these small things are big things in their own right.

The tiny series is no longer open for submissions.