submitting to Naissance Chapbooks


Follow these steps if you wish to submit your chapbook for consideration for publication by Naissance. If, instead, you wish to pay to have copies of your chapbook printed, please visit the do it page. If, instead, you wish to get a copy of a properly formatted .pdf for your own use, please visit the gimme page.

(Please note: If you arrived here from anywhere other than the main page, you are likely missing some valuable context about how we operate and why we operate the way we do. If this is the case, please take a moment to start at the beginning.)

If accepted for publication, you will receive 10 copies of your chapbook as payment, your chapbook will be listed for sale on our shop page, and you will be able to purchase any quantity of any Naissance title (including your own) at ½ price. You are offering us non-exclusive North American Distribution Rights for this collection of poems or work of prose. You retain all other rights. Naissance books do not have ISBN numbers, bar codes or spines (they are saddle-stitched, which is to say, stapled). A bicycle is not an SUV.

If your chapbook is not accepted for publication, we will thank you for your submission by sending you the two properly formatted .pdf files (cover and insides) you will need to print your chapbook on your own.

In either case, we guarantee that we will email our decision to you within one business day of receipt of your payment and properly formatted submission.

There are 4 steps needed to complete your submission.

  1. Create your cover file.
  2. Create your chapbook file.
  3. Send your payment.
  4. Send your files.