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Illusions Delusions and Dreams
Neil Ellman

Illusions Delusions and Dreams, by Neil Ellman

Neil Ellman brings us a collection of Ekphrastic poems written in response to and in furtherance of the surreal in art. Titles refer interested readers to the works the poems responded to, but the poems stand firmly on their own and can be appreciated by all readers regardless of familiarity with the art invoked. An excerpt:

Love Parade
(Francis Picabia, oil on canvas, 1917)

When machines fall in love
There are few complaints
Only the wonder that their circuits spark.

There are no questions
Of polarity or cultural class
Mechanical differences so slight
That they cannot be engineered
Or how they would raise their young.

They take a vow
Like the rest of us-
I do take thee to be my mate
To have and to hold
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

Knowing that death is rust
As it is with the rest of us.

They raise families, go to church
Where they worship an electrical god
Who gave them life
And the promise of not being
Stripped, disassembled and junked.

They work and seldom sleep
Devote their lives to the greater good
Face the usual dilemmas of their kind
And ours.

They grow old and their armatures creak
And then they die
Just like the rest of us.

—Neil Ellman

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