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Escaped Without Injury
Carol Clark Williams

Escaped Without Injury, by Carol Clark Williams

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Carol Clark Williams takes as her starting point the limberness of language and the obstacle course of the daily. By working, working, working at the knots, she is able to carefully unravel them without breaking the silver links. An excerpt:

Too Far Off to See the Wizard

A half life spent
hiding under windows
so no one can see
she holds long imaginary dialogues
with therapists her husband says
they can't afford to see
her skin draws thin over hollowing
wrist bone like the knob on the shift
in a Chevy where he ran his hands over
her shrinking body down below
the car windows she crouches
on the kitchen floor in the corner
so no one can see
she's home in the mean time
he puts his shoulder to the wheel
drives himself to work hands over
his paycheck accidentally
loses the mortgage payment
somewhere along the pavement
the key to owning their home
has tread marks on the envelope
the postage stamp in the corner
frays and flaps finally detaches
is whisked away in widening circles
on a listless wind as she is as he is
as time snaps like a high strung little dog
yapping at their run-down heels

—Carol Clark Williams

40 pages. $10, includes standard shipping within the Continental USA.


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