The November 2010 project
presented by the people behind

How It Came To Pass

In the Fall of 2010 we invited 30 writers to write 300-400 words each day for the 30 days of November. We then produced 900 individual publications which are now available here for ordering. You may order two different ways. You can pick a day of the month, and you will receive 30 booklets, one by each author. Or, you can pick one author, and you will receive 30 booklets, one for each day. Author details and a writing sample from each are below. Booklets are each a single half-page (US Letter size) folded once. Sets of 30 are packaged in locally made, custom-designed, hand stitched lovely, lovely felt pockets. A stone cold bargain at only $12 per set of 30 (plus shipping).

If you do the math, the full set of what was written for this project is equivalent in word count to 3 novels 300 pages in length.

one set on stand
(stand not included, button will vary, felt color will vary)


Participating authors are: Michael Harold, Jennifer Hill, Esteban Charpentier, Griselda Garcia, Susan Scutti, John Martone, Kit Kennedy, Susan Gangel, Rachel Kesselman, Mischelle Anthony, Gil McElroy, Mariane Ferrantino, Amye Archer, Kathleen Achor, Kim Hannigan, Linda Rooney, Clare Ramsaran, Lissa McLaughlin, Sarah Valeri, H. T. Harrison, Edward Picot, Martha Deed, Chris Funkhouser, Eric Anderson, Kate Reuther, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Michael Parker, Steven Mackin, Devan Aptekar, and Ginamarie LoBianco.


Not sure if a project this awesome is for you? Well, tell you what, since you can buy it by the Author or by the Day, how about a set of samples that contains one of every author, and one of every day? That’s 1/30th of every possible set, for you math heads out there. You can’t buy it that way, and that makes it the perfect teaser. Download the PDF (it’s 253k so you might want to right-click and Save As (or Save Link As in some browsers) rather than clicking on it and loading it in your browser).


To order using any major credit card processed through our secure PayPal shopping cart:

  1. click the “Add to Cart” button below
  2. update the number of sets of 30 to match the number of sets you desire
  3. lastly, when checking out, you will see a spot where you can “Add special instructions to the seller”. Please specify in that text box which of the 60 possible sets you would like. You may order by the day or by the author.


Yes, you did the math right, a complete set of all 900 writings would be 30 (sets of 30) x $12 = $360 (plus shipping) if you decided to order them all at once. But, the complete set does come with this custom made wooden display unit:

the whole set in display case
You know you want one.