some words about This Project and Our booklets
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About Our Booklets

These are tiny, you can hold them in the palm of your hand, or tuck them into a shirt pocket. It starts with one 8.5" x 11" sheet of 24lb., 96 brightness paper. They are then laser printed, cut once cleverly, and folded into an 8-page little lovely.

About The Project

It’s funny how things happen. The software that allows us to turn a normal Word document into a correctly paginated for double-sided printing file for chapbooks also allows the ability to make a lot of other interesting book-like things. What we call a booklet is often referred to as a zine. They look like the last one shown here, near the bottom of the page, called “An 8-sided zine from 1 sheet with 1 cut”:

If you would like to submit your list for inclusion, sorry, it is too late. This series is now closed.